Music is the food of love, at least that’s what I believe. With every great romance comes a collection of songs, some over-flowing with passion or , some poignant melodies that tear at your soul leaving you wretchedly broken and desperately reaching out… We have all been there right? And these songs remain with that romance and eventually get locked away as you move on. Then out of the blue, driving in the car or shopping in a supermarket you’ll hear them again and that incredulous love is right back inside you, making you smile or torturing you!
My all-time favourite song at the moment is which depicts my mood perfectly. Relationships break down but its odd how when they do you suddenly realise that everything else around you is broken too; your spirit, ambition and the most dismal effect of all is when it spreads to those closest to you. When pity is mirrored in their eyes and sometimes fear. Fear that you are in physical danger, or fear that they are watching your individuality fading away ( ) …
For me Titanium is my fight-back song and I think we all need one for those moments when you feel like screaming. There is nothing like that song blasting through your earphones as you run across a mountain track (preferably in the rain), leaving all your woe’s behind you!!! Try it…
You know by now, I cannot be stereo-typed so I shall have to admit to not following any artist, I simply love music! is my long-standing favourite, I adore it… I love being alone with no distractions and this song depicts that feeling. Just playing it I am wearing a smile.
Words are my biggest passion, When I’m writing I can unleash the inner me, I can be confident, witty and stimulating even, all those things that have barely emerged in such a long time. And it can even rebuild you, leading you towards finding yourself again and encouraging you with each new sentence to spread your wings and take flight.
My biker days were full of wild music and probably at a time when I possessed an absolute death wish. The death of the most beautiful guy I have ever known edged me into a truly dark period. You know I hate compliments regarding my looks because I know the most all-consuming beauty comes from within and his was undeniable. Anyway my mind refused any injection of logic, I wanted to live dangerously and can remember the moment when reality vanished and destruction set in. Yet I didn’t want out, anger grows until it erupts. Believe me a petite blonde biker with attitude gets major attention, not all of it good ( ). I maintain to have been a little wild yet even in my lowest moments I was never tempted by drugs, unfortunately it’s not always that clean-cut. Surrounding yourself with admirers of bad attitude has its repercussions; I’m still not sure whether it was luck that was on my side, or whether I have this crazy mind that no matter how influenced it becomes, retains the ability to fight. I won and got away!
So there we have it, music for every mood. It’s strange how it has the ability to enhance or destruct your person and how like an addiction you refuse to let if go. ( )
Sadly I have spent my entire life avoiding that crazy little thing called ‘love’ and proclaimed to be anti-romance.  So this song has left me reeling, it is sooh utterly beautiful and who wouldnt want to be lost in it .
My driving force these days is my campaign to save our Coastguards from closure. There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that they are a vital force in saving lives, particularly at a time where we all pursue the adrenaline thrill. Incidents are at an all time high, not just on our seas but our shores too. With a growing population and a need to escape the confines of brick walls and stress from daily existence their demand is at an all time high. Yet unless we Brits wake up and unite to move forward and fight for what we believe in we will lose them and ourselves…

One thought on “MUSIC IS THE FOOD OF LOVE by Misti

  1. We are all unique and individual in our own way. The mistake we make as humans is always considering things to be either right or wrong. The way you live your life is exactly how it should be for you at this time, and there is no “right or wrong” as such. You are simply being yourself and putting your energies into a project that has great worth. Everything in life is experience, and it’s our experiences that mould and make us into who we are today. So everything you have ever done is simply your experience and part of your journey. Even mistakes are simply another way of doing things and also form a part of our journey. The key is not to allow guilt and self-judgement to set in. You are a light of love reaching out to the world and touching many hearts with your great work. Just keep shining your light 🙂

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