Seduction Skills & Thrills By Misti


Black lace basque, suspenders and very brief briefs!  Trembling fingers with titanium red-painted nails rolling up silk stockings.  Her heartbeat pulsates with such fervour that there is the worry he will hear it.  Turning, her vision reflects in the mirror.  Pale skin, scarlet lips and dark liner edging deep blue eyes.  She pouts those lips…

Got your attention?  Good, so the image of the seductive lady is one that excites us all.  Does she know him?  Is he her lover, husband or maybe she’s the original Agent Provocateur…

Either way image counts and starts from inside with the way she thinks, feels, moves and what she says!  Her lingerie will have been sought from an exclusive boutique that your average woman would only glance at with undisclosed admiration.

The exquisite touch of french lace against her skin breathes confidence into her as she finally slips into the little black dress, her stockinged feet elevated by 4 inch heels.  Hedonistic floral perfume envelops her svelte body completing the lure for this feline temptress.

And so the art of seduction is truly a skill but one that emanates from deep inside, to be it is to believe it!  For sure no man will want to escape the charms of the tigress, he will adore her, unaware that he is trapped within a web that he has voluntarily given himself up to…

For some women this mindset is deployed in a determined attempt to keep their man.  After all in a world where loyalty barely counts and love transforms from flames of fire to quiet pleasure there will always be someone new, younger and more vibrant.

The key to reining in your man and ensuring his animalistic instincts remain loyal to you, is to retain a mysterious aura that will both frustrate and excite him.  Never reveal yourself totally and never become readable.

Then there is the fine balance between leadership and femininity.  Fragile beauty will turn his head, confidence will draw him in, a woman at ease with sex and the desire to share it is what he yearns for.  Yet there is that moment when leadership has to be relinquished and handed back to your caveman.  To retain it would deprive him of his masculinity and without that quality he would weaken and yes he may well turn into a cardigan and slippers man and you may no longer need to worry about his straying eyes but you will have lost that strong dynamic predator that first engaged you!

‘Sweet’ is the word most commonly used to describe me. Coming from both genders but I kind of like it, because its true.  I am not afraid to show that I care, or that I’m passionate about what I believe in but scratch at my surface and it becomes brazenly apparent that I stand strong and I seek that from my male counterpart too…

Without a doubt I am girly yet I like the rough and tumble of a mans world.  Climbing mountains, riding motorbikes and off-roading jeeps.  And ladies I will let you into a secret, the men love it!  Though be careful not to dent that famous male pride, whilst expecting you to shine at what you do, they never like to be beaten, so let them win but remember that you did!

So you’ve got your man and this is where the real work begins!  Your little idiosyncrasies become apparent to one another, excitement is replaced by domesticated life and maybe children too.  The outside world is full of temptation with its captivating people living independent lives.  Stop!  Rewind, you now share a home so restage it to allure your man away from the footy and basking in your feminine charms.  Bedrooms are for sleeping yet boudoirs emit images of brazen decor, chaise longue’s that serve to appraise the feminine form, flamboyant fur rugs before an open fire and those silk sheets that though far from convenient are nonetheless sexy.

My final word is one of warning!  Freedom is exciting, grows personality and allows one space to breathe.  Encourage your man to spread his wings as you must do in recourse.  You cannot stop a person from straying, indeed with an ever-growing internet hungry population finding love via a screen, confining them to a house is no longer a means of devout loyalty.  Yet the alluring vision of the sexual goddess who will be awaiting his return, thrills him as he smugly watches those delving into fresh waters, seeking a brief encounter with a promiscuous accomplice to alleviate the boredom of a stale marriage.  Undoubtedly they will struggle to remember one another’s names, or whether the sex was anything more than a guilty and hasty encounter.  Whereas your caveman will proudly wear his jubilant grin for days to come…



Disclaimer: All resemblances to real people are entirely deliberate!!!

Having listened with great interest to those of you with an opinion on ‘Finding Love on the Internet’, I have decided to fill in the gaps of my own love story… Well some of them anyway. I’d barely landed on this virtual planet or should I say discussion forum, which incidentally was run by a left-wing firebrand and an assertive young American woman (those titles are sure to impress them!), when I found myself drawn to a particular member.  His strength and arrogance enticed me, I guess I have always thrived on the challenge of a good fight and I love to break down a person’s defences and watch as their whole personality opens up to reveal a much warmer interior.  The forum suited his opinionated ideals as he’d been demobbed from his beloved Navy by Tory cuts, just as I’d taken up politics to oppose the 50% cuts to the Coastguard service.   At this time I wanted more, his cold, calculating behavior angered me so I continued digging away, intuitively searching for that heart and it finally seemed to emerge revealing a rawness.  It was almost as though appeasing it was a prerequisite to his becoming complete.

He lured me in with his tale of a fair maiden from Bacharach, who had fallen hopelessly in love and when betrayed by her sweetheart had thrown herself to her death off the Rock of Lorelei in the Rhine River.   It is claimed that she would sit upon the rock brushing her long golden hair and lure sailors to their death.  Romance sadly was something I avoided at all costs but this time I was well and truly hooked!  Eagerly I sought more of the story and like children we replayed it and rewrote its ending, me the Maiden Lorelei and he the Dark Knight. How perfect life had become (only sadly it would take me a long time to appreciate that fact…)  Anyway now the pressure was on, he was set to fly to Germany and board the cruise ship at Cologne to depart for the historic Rock Lorelei.  What’s more it was his desire that I went with him.  Me, renowned mischief-maker who had spent her entire life getting into foolhardy scrapes but not ever one that had the slightest risk of denting that ice-maiden exterior!  No matter how many times I visualized the dangers or heard that inner security alarm ringing out ‘Run Now!’, I simply knew I had to go…

Oddly we ended up flying out separately, again this should have forewarned that I was treading dangerous waters.  But new to this game of ‘A woman in Love’ I ignored it.  Landing at Cologne/Bonn Airport, I took a short journey that was fraught with misgivings about my impulsiveness, yet still I figured I was safe.  What could go wrong on a cruise ship full of holiday makers and he was after all ex-Navy! The cruise ship was everything I could have wanted and more, Cologne was breathtaking the only thing missing was my companion.  My luggage was immediately taken and I was led, like a lamb to the slaughter, to my cabin.  There would be time enough later to meet up with him, I’d reluctantly decided…

At last, I sank onto the vast double bed, kicked off my shoes and momentarily closed my eyes.   My moment was brief as the bathroom door opened and gazing at me with undisclosed humor and nothing but a towel was my companion.  Suddenly the alarm bells had transformed to sirens!  What the hell had I got myself into… From here on my romantic illusions lay in tatters.  The arrogance of the man to take for granted that I would not only share his cabin but his bed!  If I hadn’t been so traumatized I would have reached for a notepad and started an earnest blog on the downfalls of love on the internet!  As it was I considered my limited options, I already knew there were no available cabins, this cruise had been fully booked for some time according to my fellow travel companions.  God was I so totally blonde and naive!  Apart from a couple of upright armchairs there was no other option than to share the bed!  Over-sized that it was by no means was it large enough to share with a total stranger of the opposite sex!

Dinner was a disaster though the enticing flavors of traditional dishes created from local produce taunted my hunger.  I could barely eat a morsel.  The conversation was stilted and my heartbeat was raging with panic and fury.  Sat opposite me, Mr Dark looked very debonair and smug, which served to make my blood boil and ignoring the others sharing our table, and spurred on by the champagne that was free-flowing I continued with my childlike assault. Finally, his eyes blazed and I knew I had dented his ego. Touche, payback for this whole set-up and his indifference to my plight.  Fueling my anger further he had turned his attentions to the blonde with highly sculptured cheekbones sat to his right, whose name he had already abbreviated to H…  The cruise had become the stuff nightmares are made of and I had visions of being pushed overboard by my overbearing host!

No such luck! Without entering into too much detail, I spent a sleepless night hugging the edge of the bed while Mr Dark did everything in his power to annoy me.  Casually flung arms landed across me…legs too!  When I was inches close to suffocating him with my pillow and I mean I actually held the plump weapon in my hands whilst drinking in his arrogant but undeniably attractive face, I suddenly came to my senses. This was a mess of my own making and yet I was acting like a petulant child ruining not only my visit to this picturesque and historical part of Germany but his too…

The following day with only a few hours sleep and no, that wasn’t due to my murderous revenge, I performed a rather dignified 180 degree turnaround.  I smiled sweetly at Mr Dark, laughed at his jokes over breakfast and allowed him to escort me up on deck as we edged closer to that romantic Rock of Lorelei!  An edgy look of confusion flitted across his face, as I performed the role of ‘perfect partner’ and I so enjoyed that feeling of being in control!

The ever-changing vision of castles, vineyards and picturesque villages caught my breath.  Added to that my arrogant companion had morphed into what I could only describe as true Mills & Boon Hero, enlightening me on the history of the lands beyond whilst encircling my waist with a protective arm.  Exhaustion merged with my intake of slowly moving picture postcard scenery and I brazenly admit to falling for the charms of both my surroundings and Mr Dark!

We drew ever nearer to the Lorelei Rock, a notoriously difficult point to navigate, and a silence befell all on board.  This beautiful maiden had cast a curse upon sailors drawing them to their death as they had watched transfixed the angelic vision brushing her long and shimmering golden hair.  Would the spell ever be broken?  So sad to consider this alluring spirit forever tortured by the treachery of her sweetheart.  As though reading my thoughts, Mr Dark swept aside my hair and moved me to him, pressing his mouth to mine…  Lost in this moment of madness and with all the magic of our superlative surroundings egging us on, I surrendered and for the briefest of moments my whole body pulsed with a wild and tangible passion.  Had he not been holding me my legs would have given way there and then, so I clung on for way longer than was necessary, well that is a perk of being a fragile blonde! (Yes, I can be when needed…)

The rest of our time together was heaven-sent.  And so back to that elusive answer ‘Can You Find Love On The Internet?’

Erm… What do you think?  Love can conquer all even the curse of a spurned fair maiden.


Saving Grace

Never start at the beginning, that’s what I have been taught by my good friend Paul Dorset (A.K.A John Cox), Author of  New Blood, Xannu and many other titles,  and may I say a ‘man of such wisdom’…  And sooh I will begin at the point where after many years of avoiding socialising on a modern-day normal scale I had suddenly been catapulted into it by friends with good intentions, desperately seeking to retrieve me from a nightmare of a marriage breakdown…

Hence, I am standing at the bar mentally repeating my order over and over in my head.  It’s almost like being 15 again…yes 15, no-one out there can truly admit to playing by the rules, can they?  Only worryingly the night is still young, yet I have this guy flexing his muscles and blinding me with his whiter than white toothy smile… God give me strength, and a real man please…  Essex boys, though understandably gorgeous are just not my thing! Not that this one is an Essex guy, I’m in Wales but he is doing a darned good impression of being brainless and beautiful…

The last time I was in a pub as a single lady, I smoked!!! Can you believe it? I thought I was so blatantly cool, my aura of sophistication being the cancer stick and repulsive odour repellant I held between two fingers.  Not so cool, I never could take it down, hey and no wise cracks please…  It held me in good stead for my cannabis smoking days which never had an effect, so oddly enough!

I could have so done with a cigarette tonight, something to focus my hands on and maybe given me a profile… Being the ‘Mrs’ of someone for so long, kind of strips you of your identity no matter how much you intend to retain it!  But hey, the music was blasting, Labyrinth to be precise, everyone around me was convincingly under the influence (of what… I was later to discover) and I wanted so desperately to belong.

My girlfriends were mooching away in their seats and you know suddenly all I wanted to do was find a hairy biker and blast off along a winding and climbing road.  Just as I had done all those years before.  You may think the worst but I used to have real good connections and no matter which stray biker I hitched a ride with, they wouldn’t lay a finger on me once they realised my links.

It wasnt to be, so instead I drank like the others and swayed my hips to the beat of the night whilst fully aware of the interest Id gained.  Let’s not shy away from the fact that women are so much better at realising interest from the opposite sex.  A few guys with almost personalities entertained me with their wise cracks and fine choice in music and some habits really do die-hard as I once again regaled them with stories of me having been a pole-dancer (lager induced of course!) Well, needless to say their eyes exploded into life – like the most elaborate 5th November display and boy was I Queen Bee!  Daggers of raw jealousy were emanating from my friends and unleashed in my direction.

I guess this was the time when I finally accepted those Misti days of old were well and truly gone, because the notion of escaping through a tiny and way too high-up toilet window was no longer an option.  So, me being blonde and drunk I discreetly informed them that I was not really their style as I may have been a pole-dancer but it was in a gay bar!  I did tell you I was well oiled, and of course unbeknown to me in my current state it was enough to ignite that male testosterone, their eyes whirling like the fruits of an old one-armed bandit!

Bugger, now my male crowd had grown.  I was not only new talent but a lesbian pole dancer too!  My girlfriends concern had transformed to total and absolute blatant jealousy.  Well can you blame them, they had been working for months on snaring the same guys that were knee-deep in my well created and explicit stories.  I escaped to the ladies, alone I might add and was stunned to burst in on two very beautiful young girls snorting white powder up their delicate noses. Instantly sober, I took a short-cut and exited through the fire escape to where gathered the pavement smokers.  A pathetic bedraggled teenager sat legs splayed on the curb vomiting for dear life, whilst all around ignored her.  Sweeping back her hair, I offered her a tissue and bravely battling eau de puke, I waited until her wrenching subsided before loading her into a cab and sending her home to parents whom would be either devastated or uncaring…

No my night was not over, I battled to escape the crowds gathering around an extremely intoxicated couple who were beating ten bells out of one another whilst onlookers jeered them on.  God was this what I had been missing out on?  Earlier I had marvelled at how everyone appeared so beautiful, obviously with the help of fake-tans, hair extensions, in fact lets just be totally honest…fake everything including personalities that like genie’s from a lamp evolved but through a haze of white powder…

A short-cut led me onto a riverbank pathway and I rather quickly stumbled upon my catch of the night, quite literally!  Balancing on one foot whilst trying to remove my stiletto is not quite as easy as it sounds not after several lagers anyhow… A choice swear word resonated from a dark shadow sat hunched upon the banking, which in turn made my sway almost turn into a full-scale tumble had it not been for this grouchy individual minding his own business, fishing rod in hand and Welsh blonde almost in lap! Turns out he wasn’t really grouchy, because half an hour later he had not only shared his cheese and pickle sandwiches with me but his cocoa and life story too.  I had so much fun attempting to cast my line into the river…yes, here I was on my apparent night out fishing!  Picture it, Misti dressed to the nines in a rather elegant River Island Bodycon dress, or for you guys out there a figure-hugging number, now finely endorsed with mud and grass stains.  My feet were black and my mood was jubilant!  I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had so much fun…

Clive was a real sort, teasing me unmercifully for falling for him on the river bank!  And so obviously I proclaimed it to have been a well planned military like tactical manoeuvre preserved for any eligible bachelors.  My humour however missed its target, he looked away from me and then stunned me.  In 1951 Clive had been a soldier in the Suez in the lead-up to the 1956 conflict.  Two fresh-faced and spotty teenagers had been conscripted for National Service, best friends since childhood they had seen it as an absolute adventure.  This was soon to be turned on its tail, hungry and suffering from regular bouts of sickness their moral deserted them.   Also untrained as they were in anti-terrorism fighting many of his comrades fell pray to attacks from the Egyptians.  A favoured means of attack was the use of a high-wire targeting many a despatch motorcyclist or driver of the often used open top jeeps, decapitation was inevitable.  This quietly spoken gentleman sat next to me, held the weight of the world in his hands.   His friend had been abducted from camp during the night and torture and death had befallen him.  So angry and confused by what he was then living Clive had given up on his ambition of becoming a teacher and continued to serve in the forces, until he had retired.

I walked back with Clive to the end of his street and yes guys, I gave him a kiss goodnight…on the cheek of course.  What started out as a night of image conscious fools desperately seeking an alcohol or drug fix to satisfy their quest for a Saturday night thrill, ended in me meeting a fine gentleman who will continue to be my friend, regardless of my lack of fake accessories or appetite for white powder…

Is it Possible to Find True Love on the Internet by Misti


There are those of us non-believers who would encourage you to get your head tested for even mentioning such a ridiculous notion.  Falling in love with someone you have never met, how absurd!  Oops…I did!!!

What’s more at the time I fell hook, line and sinker, I’d barely glanced at his face, and would have easily bypassed him in the street!  Hands up, confession time; I fell for his mind.  His sharp wit and direct approach were suddenly a match for my own, in fact he challenged me which stirred something deep inside that I can honestly say I have never felt before.  Me the crazy Welsh blonde who spent her life avoiding the follies of love, was now totally drawn to this dark character and I mean dark…

There are always the inevitable drawbacks to internet relationships.  You can reign free with your identity or you could just create it and once the latter has begun how then can you begin to explain yourself and your mundane existence.  From Secret Agent to dog groomer or luscious lady to aging spinster…doh!  So word of warning guys, be you but just add a little mystery!

There are also those that trawl the internet seeking victims, yes victims and they are sooh easy to find.  Us Brits are made up of select groups, those who wear their hearts on their sleeves and those who are set to abuse the ones that do.  Whether for money, marriage or sexual gratification, please be aware that when someone appears to be too good to be true then they normally are acting out of self purpose and your feelings don’t count.

So back to me, and we all like a little intrigue right… and you are all wondering who Mr Dark is?  And if we actually got together and whether we are having a wild and passionate relationship?  Yet I’m sure you will also be aware from my previous blogs that I never kiss and tell…

If you are lucky enough to meet someone genuine then I have actually come to believe the internet is a wonderful place, simply because its your mind that’s on offer, unless of course you rely on half-naked photo’s or promoting your wealth…not a good idea!  You exchange thoughts, humour and songs.  And you listen like you never did whilst you were knocking back the alcopops and battling against the dramatic reverberations of Goyte on the eardrums!

As for Mr Dark! Where did I meet him, was it Twitter or perhaps a select and interesting forum named ‘Cutting Edge’, I’m sure you can work it out!  How did he earn himself that name?   Well he’s polite yet opinionated at first, then scratch the surface and he’s a seductive sort with an undeniable force that renders even ice-maidens desperate wrecks seeking his touch!

Of course not all relationships work out and unfortunately some turn to the internet yet again to ply their revenge.  Like all good things in life there is risk, for me falling in love is the biggest risk of all but whilst I encourage you to throw caution to the wind and charm the person of your dreams with your intellect, I also urge you to let others know of your movements, think twice before handing over anything of value and marriage is something that should never be rushed, no matter what the reasoning.  If love is true then all they want is you!

Rusty Chuckles and the Smile Princess By Misti

May 2, 2012

Life is a voyage of discovery and the most wondrous part is the people you meet along the way.  In the past few months I have met so many inspirational people and this poem and the Introduction to my most recent works are all dedicated to my Knight!!!

Life’s Savior by Misti xx

Within the secret garden

Stands a special man

He holds the key to happiness

Gently in his hand…

His smile is sweet like honey

His eyes sparkle as he talks

And people race to gather round him

As he takes his morning walks…

He is The Savior of those who suffer

Though he would never stake this claim

A modern-day living legend

Yet, hiding from such fame…

When you call, he will rescue you

And hold you in his arms

Until your fears have all subsided

And you are touched by his charms…


In a faraway land where flowers bloom all year round and exotic birds feather their nests, lives a Princess whose smile echoes through distance and time, bewitching all who live upon the Island known as Angels-See with happiness and love…

Yet the Princess was lonely, living in a great tower that touched the clouds.  Each day she would awaken to the sound of animals at play but never was she free to venture the wondrous lands below.  Wild rabbits bounced through tall grass with their games of hide and seek.  Birds floated through blue skies with perfect silent gliding and breathtaking spiral dives.  Horses would canter down from the mountain tops, tails swishing and hind legs bucking all basking in the warmth of the Princesses smile…

Angels-See hadn’t always been beautiful, for once it was a dark and barren land with biting North winds attacking its nature, leaving trees torn in half and animals cowering in fear.  The skies  had been veiled with evil black clouds that threatened to keep everyone who lived there tormented by a lifetime of heartache and misery…

Twas one such day, towards the end of March that furious forks of lightning struck at the dark skies battling its darkness with bright flashes of light.  And it is said that at the very moment a huge gigantium explosion burst through the heavens a Princess was born.  From that day forward the island was nurtured to life, the sun shone brightly and the islands residents; animals and people were the happiest in the whole of the British nation.  Thereby this day was to be named in history as ‘British Summertime’