Rusty Chuckles and the Smile Princess By Misti

May 2, 2012

Life is a voyage of discovery and the most wondrous part is the people you meet along the way.  In the past few months I have met so many inspirational people and this poem and the Introduction to my most recent works are all dedicated to my Knight!!!

Life’s Savior by Misti xx

Within the secret garden

Stands a special man

He holds the key to happiness

Gently in his hand…

His smile is sweet like honey

His eyes sparkle as he talks

And people race to gather round him

As he takes his morning walks…

He is The Savior of those who suffer

Though he would never stake this claim

A modern-day living legend

Yet, hiding from such fame…

When you call, he will rescue you

And hold you in his arms

Until your fears have all subsided

And you are touched by his charms…


In a faraway land where flowers bloom all year round and exotic birds feather their nests, lives a Princess whose smile echoes through distance and time, bewitching all who live upon the Island known as Angels-See with happiness and love…

Yet the Princess was lonely, living in a great tower that touched the clouds.  Each day she would awaken to the sound of animals at play but never was she free to venture the wondrous lands below.  Wild rabbits bounced through tall grass with their games of hide and seek.  Birds floated through blue skies with perfect silent gliding and breathtaking spiral dives.  Horses would canter down from the mountain tops, tails swishing and hind legs bucking all basking in the warmth of the Princesses smile…

Angels-See hadn’t always been beautiful, for once it was a dark and barren land with biting North winds attacking its nature, leaving trees torn in half and animals cowering in fear.  The skies  had been veiled with evil black clouds that threatened to keep everyone who lived there tormented by a lifetime of heartache and misery…

Twas one such day, towards the end of March that furious forks of lightning struck at the dark skies battling its darkness with bright flashes of light.  And it is said that at the very moment a huge gigantium explosion burst through the heavens a Princess was born.  From that day forward the island was nurtured to life, the sun shone brightly and the islands residents; animals and people were the happiest in the whole of the British nation.  Thereby this day was to be named in history as ‘British Summertime’


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