Is it Possible to Find True Love on the Internet by Misti


There are those of us non-believers who would encourage you to get your head tested for even mentioning such a ridiculous notion.  Falling in love with someone you have never met, how absurd!  Oops…I did!!!

What’s more at the time I fell hook, line and sinker, I’d barely glanced at his face, and would have easily bypassed him in the street!  Hands up, confession time; I fell for his mind.  His sharp wit and direct approach were suddenly a match for my own, in fact he challenged me which stirred something deep inside that I can honestly say I have never felt before.  Me the crazy Welsh blonde who spent her life avoiding the follies of love, was now totally drawn to this dark character and I mean dark…

There are always the inevitable drawbacks to internet relationships.  You can reign free with your identity or you could just create it and once the latter has begun how then can you begin to explain yourself and your mundane existence.  From Secret Agent to dog groomer or luscious lady to aging spinster…doh!  So word of warning guys, be you but just add a little mystery!

There are also those that trawl the internet seeking victims, yes victims and they are sooh easy to find.  Us Brits are made up of select groups, those who wear their hearts on their sleeves and those who are set to abuse the ones that do.  Whether for money, marriage or sexual gratification, please be aware that when someone appears to be too good to be true then they normally are acting out of self purpose and your feelings don’t count.

So back to me, and we all like a little intrigue right… and you are all wondering who Mr Dark is?  And if we actually got together and whether we are having a wild and passionate relationship?  Yet I’m sure you will also be aware from my previous blogs that I never kiss and tell…

If you are lucky enough to meet someone genuine then I have actually come to believe the internet is a wonderful place, simply because its your mind that’s on offer, unless of course you rely on half-naked photo’s or promoting your wealth…not a good idea!  You exchange thoughts, humour and songs.  And you listen like you never did whilst you were knocking back the alcopops and battling against the dramatic reverberations of Goyte on the eardrums!

As for Mr Dark! Where did I meet him, was it Twitter or perhaps a select and interesting forum named ‘Cutting Edge’, I’m sure you can work it out!  How did he earn himself that name?   Well he’s polite yet opinionated at first, then scratch the surface and he’s a seductive sort with an undeniable force that renders even ice-maidens desperate wrecks seeking his touch!

Of course not all relationships work out and unfortunately some turn to the internet yet again to ply their revenge.  Like all good things in life there is risk, for me falling in love is the biggest risk of all but whilst I encourage you to throw caution to the wind and charm the person of your dreams with your intellect, I also urge you to let others know of your movements, think twice before handing over anything of value and marriage is something that should never be rushed, no matter what the reasoning.  If love is true then all they want is you!


4 thoughts on “Is it Possible to Find True Love on the Internet by Misti

  1. “The internet is a wonderful place, simply because its your mind that’s on offer.”

    Had Mae West still been alive, I doubt if she’d have agreed with you. She said: “Men aren’t attracted to me by my mind, they’re attracted by what I don’t mind.”

    An intriguing article, Misti; thanks for sharing it with us. Mr Dark is a lucky man indeed if he’s captured the heart of such an eloquent and attractive writer!

    • I guess Mae West was a very clever lady, she chose not to see life through rose-tinted spectacles but you’ll forgive me if I hold onto mine for a little longer… Thankyou for your response Ivan and I look forward to more of your quotes!!! xx

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