Seduction Skills & Thrills By Misti


Black lace basque, suspenders and very brief briefs!  Trembling fingers with titanium red-painted nails rolling up silk stockings.  Her heartbeat pulsates with such fervour that there is the worry he will hear it.  Turning, her vision reflects in the mirror.  Pale skin, scarlet lips and dark liner edging deep blue eyes.  She pouts those lips…

Got your attention?  Good, so the image of the seductive lady is one that excites us all.  Does she know him?  Is he her lover, husband or maybe she’s the original Agent Provocateur…

Either way image counts and starts from inside with the way she thinks, feels, moves and what she says!  Her lingerie will have been sought from an exclusive boutique that your average woman would only glance at with undisclosed admiration.

The exquisite touch of french lace against her skin breathes confidence into her as she finally slips into the little black dress, her stockinged feet elevated by 4 inch heels.  Hedonistic floral perfume envelops her svelte body completing the lure for this feline temptress.

And so the art of seduction is truly a skill but one that emanates from deep inside, to be it is to believe it!  For sure no man will want to escape the charms of the tigress, he will adore her, unaware that he is trapped within a web that he has voluntarily given himself up to…

For some women this mindset is deployed in a determined attempt to keep their man.  After all in a world where loyalty barely counts and love transforms from flames of fire to quiet pleasure there will always be someone new, younger and more vibrant.

The key to reining in your man and ensuring his animalistic instincts remain loyal to you, is to retain a mysterious aura that will both frustrate and excite him.  Never reveal yourself totally and never become readable.

Then there is the fine balance between leadership and femininity.  Fragile beauty will turn his head, confidence will draw him in, a woman at ease with sex and the desire to share it is what he yearns for.  Yet there is that moment when leadership has to be relinquished and handed back to your caveman.  To retain it would deprive him of his masculinity and without that quality he would weaken and yes he may well turn into a cardigan and slippers man and you may no longer need to worry about his straying eyes but you will have lost that strong dynamic predator that first engaged you!

‘Sweet’ is the word most commonly used to describe me. Coming from both genders but I kind of like it, because its true.  I am not afraid to show that I care, or that I’m passionate about what I believe in but scratch at my surface and it becomes brazenly apparent that I stand strong and I seek that from my male counterpart too…

Without a doubt I am girly yet I like the rough and tumble of a mans world.  Climbing mountains, riding motorbikes and off-roading jeeps.  And ladies I will let you into a secret, the men love it!  Though be careful not to dent that famous male pride, whilst expecting you to shine at what you do, they never like to be beaten, so let them win but remember that you did!

So you’ve got your man and this is where the real work begins!  Your little idiosyncrasies become apparent to one another, excitement is replaced by domesticated life and maybe children too.  The outside world is full of temptation with its captivating people living independent lives.  Stop!  Rewind, you now share a home so restage it to allure your man away from the footy and basking in your feminine charms.  Bedrooms are for sleeping yet boudoirs emit images of brazen decor, chaise longue’s that serve to appraise the feminine form, flamboyant fur rugs before an open fire and those silk sheets that though far from convenient are nonetheless sexy.

My final word is one of warning!  Freedom is exciting, grows personality and allows one space to breathe.  Encourage your man to spread his wings as you must do in recourse.  You cannot stop a person from straying, indeed with an ever-growing internet hungry population finding love via a screen, confining them to a house is no longer a means of devout loyalty.  Yet the alluring vision of the sexual goddess who will be awaiting his return, thrills him as he smugly watches those delving into fresh waters, seeking a brief encounter with a promiscuous accomplice to alleviate the boredom of a stale marriage.  Undoubtedly they will struggle to remember one another’s names, or whether the sex was anything more than a guilty and hasty encounter.  Whereas your caveman will proudly wear his jubilant grin for days to come…


9 thoughts on “Seduction Skills & Thrills By Misti

  1. interesting reading especially for a married guy!! Can’t get my head round are you writing from personal experience or a tad degree of authors licence? 🙂 Write a book, why not go for it!

    • THANKYOU FOR LEAVING A COMMENT. WELL THAT IS A BIG QUESTION??? And in answer, yes I do write from experience…
      However sometimes the best attempts in the world dont keep people together and my relationship was initiated on a rocky path that was best discontinued. As for you being
      a married guy, turn it around on its heel, there is no rule to say the woman has to be ‘love provocateur’… x

      • Yes, you are right there is nothing to say that a woman should be the ‘Love provocateur. 🙂 think we all share the experience at least once,probablymany times during our love lives. We all have our rocky paths, we make decisions as best we can at any give time, not always for the right reasons, but then with hindsight xx

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