Learn From Your Mistakes By Misti


So after a weekend of Jubilicious splendor we can all go back to being casualties of the recession, or at least those of us whose pockets have been stapled shut by the government.  I applaud our royal family whose stature allows us to hold on to the little that is left of our heritage.  Lets be honest if the Tories had the option of selling Her Royal Highness down the river, they’d have done so all singing and dancing and counting the profit like Scrooge before he was visited by the ghosts of Christmas Past.

Sadly once the current parliamentary reign is over, so to will be the glory days of Great Britain!  Broken down and sold off to benefit???  Hmm, lets just ponder that a while…

There is no doubt that the only time our NHS was great was in the days of Matrons and British pride, before previous governments allocated vast amounts of the NHS Budget on ‘vital’ management teams and computer systems that, let’s be honest have never been a) efficient or b) saved lives.  Gone are the days where nurses were paid to care for their patients, a job that incidentally they were devoted to, and instead they were re-educated to understand that statistics came first and if patients soiled their beds, went without food or indeed died, then they too became a simple equation of the modern-day functions of nursing!  So to dispel the silly notion that we the British public have of our failing health system at the hands of government they have come up with an ingenious plan, start selling it off!  That way, they can no longer be held to account for its demise.  And of course to make the recourse of the outcry worthwhile (namely lack of votes in the next election) there will be a pretty penny amassed, which can be invested in…  Wait a minute, is there anything left in the UK that holds investment potential?  Simplistic answer: Nothing British but then whoopee!  We so love to give away copious amounts of money to entice foreign investors, who quickly swallow it up before buggering off back to where they came from with a hasty ‘Thankyou Britain’ salute in our direction.

Our military forces are the pride and power of Britain, yet in each war they have gone without the simplest of equipment like boots or rations or the most crucial fundamentals of any battle namely weaponry, armoured vehicles, vessels and air defence.  Oh and lets not forget, war or no war the minute the Government needs to cap spending, loyalty to those who lay down their lives for this great country is thrown out of the window and cuts become necessary to moving Britain forward economically…

So we have been visited by the ghost of NHS past and Military Forces past, who next?  Well if you name them out loud and they hadn’t been for the firing line before this article they will be after.  You see there is so very little original structure left in Britain to be disposed of.  The Police force is to be decapitated and replaced by gangs of security antagonists.  I use that term because love or loathe our Police Force their actions are regulated by governing bodies, set-up to protect Joe Public as much as to ensure its smooth and efficient running.  The new ‘Security Antagonists’ will have free rein and of course lack the necessary education or guidance.  They will be put straight into a uniform and become suddenly embodied with a head-swelling injection of power.  Beware you Brits, with the new age Terminators pounding the beat you may well become a casualty of that pounding too!

There are so many casualties of our evolving country that I cannot mention them all, needless to say Her Majesties Royal Mail Service is yet another that has unsurprisingly been run into the ground so much so that we all moan its failings, not realising this indeed was the intention of those enjoying political status.  They will placate us with usherings of needing a more efficient and cost-effective service and we will nod and go on our way as yet another piece of Britain slips away…

Life too is expendable, you only have to think back to the NHS cuts to see that.  Yet one cause that I have personally been swept along with is that of our unsung Search and Rescue Heroes, namely our Coastguards.  A term that is at the forefront of my mind is ‘If it aint broke, don’t fix it!’  Listen up government because in exchanging our Coastguard Stations for call-centres you are not only endorsing an increased risk to life but stripping us bare of knowledge, tradition and again pride.  Time is of the essence when implementing a search and rescue mission, seconds count!   There is no way your manufactured phone monkeys can live up to such a challenging position.  And be warned with the first death born out of call-centre failings it will be your door the blame will firmly land at!

Learn from your mistakes.  Need I mention the call-centres that have and are failing in all areas of British industry.  Or the contracted external agencies employed to assess the Sick and Disabled, resulting not only in added suffering of the people we are supposed to take care of but deaths too.  Moving forward is necessary, but invest in what makes our country great instead of tearing it apart and leaving it wide open to corruption and failure.

Oh and a quiet word from a silly blonde with no aspirations as a politician or with any of that vital ground reinforced knowledge and education that enforces political standing.  To keep Britain great first remember:

a)  We are human beings who thrive and depend upon emotional and knowledgeable contact particularly in times of urgency and crisis.

b)  Advances in the effectiveness of our forces and services are not only to be made by looking forwards but more importantly looking back to when it functioned smoothly, effectively and proudly…

There is need to nurture the heart of a country so that it remains healthy.  Britain has always been renowned for its patriotism and pride in its vast heritage, yet increasingly this is being stripped away leaving its people with growing unrest, fueling a need to seek revenge in one form or another be it criminal or racist.  These feelings were not grown by the people but fed by political failings and to run a country that will stand united and proud means its government should perhaps lead by example.

And finally our gracious Queen who looked out no doubt with a tear of pride in her eye, at the British people amassed to celebrate her 60 year reign.  Shouts of devotion and pride resonated from crowds drenched in rain and chilled to the bone.  Yet  adoration of their Monarchy allowed them to withstand the punishing climate with joyous smiles as they delighted her Highness with jubilant song.  Celebrations now over, listen closely to an almost silent and despondent voice pleading for help in saving the good ship Britannia (Britain).  Tragically, we are faced with the same fate as the Titanic, our iron-cast formation tearing and sinking beneath the waves.  We too have hit an ice-berg and again the hard-working lower classes, who incidentally built this great structure, are stoking up the boilers in a last bid attempt at saving our mighty ship and providing extra time for the bankers and higher classes to abandon ship with their riches.  We look on whilst slowly drowning in icy waters as yet again the only winners are the wealthy and most notably the bankers…


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