Coastguards Cast Out To Sea by Misti

Drowning in Despair

Having been brought up in a Welsh mining community and with military links, I was inherently lucky to be instilled with a fighting spirit and a desire to seek unity for a cause.  There is nothing greater than those who stand together, yet unlike our forefathers we are beginning to shy away from that existence and close our door to the tragedies set to befall us…

The sad truth is that as broken Britain sinks further into despair its Governments  continue to yield their mighty sword.  A once proud nation faces the dilemma of its history being erased with every cruel swipe!  Our Coastguards, long since established as unsung heroes are fresh to the firing line facing up to 50% station closures. Of course once the sword falls there is little doubt that this wound will grow deeper.  Coastguards offer an intrinsic knowledge, a deep-rooted understanding of both land and sea and critically this is further enforced with their aptitude for assessing climate and structural traits…

Without a doubt HM Coastguard Service is considered to be  a world leader of Maritime Search and Rescue.  Why then would our government choose to cripple the very structure that they should proclaim as the Pride of Britain?  No-one would slate their dedication in moving with the times, in providing a service that will evolve with the needs of its people and its nation.  Yet ‘Act in haste, repent at leisure!’ is clearly an issue here,. for no logic minded person would consider the replacement of Coastguard Stations with centralised call-centres, it quite simply spells tragedy!

Britain has thrived and has proved a dominant force throughout the ages due to its strength of unity built from pride of its heritage.  Yet now its weakness is evident for all onlookers to see.  Its silence speaks volumes, with its people seen as tired and segregated.  Our once thriving industries have been discarded one by one whilst our governments endorse the funding of foreign investment.  The new work culture being promoted is that of the modern-day call-centres  with robot like trained telephonists performing the job once expected of a professional.  Reading structured scripts from PC screens is seen as the way forward.  Yet nowhere within that role is there the confidence, knowledge, education or devoted skill that belonged to its predecessor.

Quite simply, in times of crisis we look to our Coastguards as Gods, who move heaven and earth to implement a rescue plan.  They will do so in a timely and safe fashion, fully aware of any hazards be they climate or land based.  And with an ever-growing population, environmental erosion and pleasure sports, incidents requiring their expertise are ever-increasing.  Time and time again it has been proven that by removing the vital entities at the core of every great force it leaves them open to failure, not only that but once that vital local knowledge and pride is lost it can never be regained.

As an island it makes no sense to crucify those that truly understand its mechanisms.  HM Coastguards are decision makers of the highest calibre, assessing disasters and implementing rescue plans.  It is extreme naivety to consider that such skills can be born out in a centralised system.  As with the NHS, this has been tried and tested and failure sent it reeling backwards at a great cost and deep embarrassment.  Sadly this was not a lesson learned as yet again centralised Fire Control Call-Centres were set up and doomed to fail….

Modern Day Britain has grown a culture lacking in discipline and bereft of pride.  It seems no-one is truly accountable for their destructive actions, not even our government.  So listen up, Lesson One in the Misti handbook of life; The best computer in the world is the human brain, so quit relying solely on artificial intelligence and nurture the source that makes Britain great and the envy of others.  A united force will stand together and overcome all obstacles in their path, computers on the other hand will simply crash and leave you red-faced!

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