I Will Go Down With This Ship By Misti

Shooting across the water bouncing upon choppy seas with speedboat fully fired and fighting any restraint. This is what a Sunday afternoon is all about for me, if not that then maybe a mountain adventure.  And no I’m not brave for I will be the one you see quaking in her boots.  My father used to say that I’d been dropped on my head at birth, always the one to climb to the top of a tree then inevitably needing rescuing!  Which brings me back to my campaign you don’t have to be a dare-devil to require the assistance of our coastguards anything from beach trips to a drive across the moors can instigate a crisis whereby you will rely on their expertise…

Devotion to their career has gone above and beyond with our Coastguards.  Losing their beloved jobs, homes and for some facing illness has not deterred them from fighting with every last breath the imminent station closures inflicted by our government.  Unfair and outright criminal, Britain depends upon its Coastguards and all statistics point to this yet they are still to be replaced with Call-Centres.  That heroic structure and vital local knowledge set to be lost forever…

We have tirelessly campaigned, desperate to reach out to our nation and awaken them to this plight.  Tragically, lives are set to be lost with each station that closes, yet for all this the petition at http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/4403 remains desperately in need of names…

Lately I find myself pondering on what at times appears to be a losing battle.  For armchair viewing has become a precedent over the opportunity of saving ones lives.  Sadly as a nation we will all sit down and watch X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice, we will reach for the phone and vote for our favourite acts.  Yet, to click the epetitions link and add a name doesn’t offer the same excitement!  Well point taken, maybe not excitement but a right to live and not just for you but those around you…

To date no-one knows Misti, who I am, what I am but regardless of this I’ve met some truly inspirational people including the one intuitive soul who saw through my feisty act and first launched me on my Coastguardsos mission.  I was welcomed by the SOS crew who were instantly there for me and without knowing even rescued me.

I have been asked on many occasion what will I do once the coastguard campaign is over… Well quite simply if I cannot encourage you to stand and fight for your right to your Coastguards, I will go down with this ship and Misti Mischief and her coastguards will be no more…

What more can I say to make you click http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/4403 and write your name.  Coastguards save lives!!!


9 thoughts on “I Will Go Down With This Ship By Misti

    • Oh thankyou!!! Oh I have, Im quite a master at getting stuck up trees!!! My mountains are of the mini variety and speed boats well they are just for fun… Thankyou for your support and yes I hope our coastguards plight is recognised…

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