-Love Provocateur – Part Two By Misti


Love Provocateur is the United Kingdom’s most Secret Agent, unknown by all others and master of her art.  Our nation will remain one step ahead of all larger and seemingly more powerful ones and dare you need to ask yourself why…

She is what every man craves but few will ever experience.  Those who do will forever lose their souls, those who don’t will live haunted by the hope.  With eyes that penetrate deep inside your mind, bewitching, captivating and leaving behind a wretched torment that will disturb your every dream with a fuel that ignites your body’s passion forevermore


A slither of black chiffon drifted from her shoulders, revealing a toned and lightly tanned body. The ultimate in French allure graced her form, uplifting black lace bra, pleated tulle panties and suspender belt allowing the merest glimpse of female thighs before reaching sheer silk stockings.  The transparency of the lingerie and aptly positioned Swarovski crystal jewels a cruel temptation yet one that needed to remain to be admired.  His forceful presence remained behind her edging her on, instigating her knowingly erotic act.  Silently he stood, breath permeating between open lips, watching; somewhere in the depths of her mind she recalled that he was her target…

“She must die”, The words echoed in his mind, yet still he moved forward feeling her warmth against him.  His hand brushed through the halo of golden hair then slowly stroked her throat finally resting between her breasts.  The softness of her skin and the curve of her back tantalised him as she arched, placing her head against his shoulder in true seductive form.  Bewitchingly she dispersed his focus, almost innocently teasing his maleness into a throbbing arousal that the capture of her breath acknowledged, his form straining against her pert bottom…

Merging with her role, Missy enjoyed the heady exhilaration, the power she held over MI6′s best, Jackson Gellar.  Taking the lead she turned wide blue eyes to him imploring him to love her, to give himself up to her.  Deftly unfastening his trousers, her heartbeat intensified as she moved with an urgency to explore. Silken fingers teased, whilst her eyes never for a moment left his face. Wittingly she ran her tongue along her top lip.

A pent-up groan of ecstasy reverberated from him.  Hungrily he swept her up in his arms, electrified further as her legs latched about him.  Her mouth closed upon his.  She grasped his hair, aflame with desire.  Her tongue lashed at his, teasing, enticing then weakening his stance.  Regaining control he dropped her onto the bed, her body laying splendid before him, wanton eyes beseeching him.  He gripped her thighs drawing her bottom towards the side edge of the bed, his thumb forced her mouth open.  Missy’s gaze intensified.  Consistently he dipped to plant soft butterfly kisses upon her bare midriff, his grin jubilant at her sharp intake of breath…

Sanity deserted them, swept away as they were in a tidal wave of hot-blooded lust.  Again he swept her up in his arms, this time laying her head upon the pillow.  Mesmorised in one another, he proudly undressed revealing his sinewy torso then lowered himself upon her.  A flurry of emotions flashed in her eyes and one so alien weighed heavily deep inside.  Steady fingers reached beneath the pillow.  Withdrawing her hand she struck the barrel of her gun into his chest

He didn’t register shock and neither did she upon feeling the cold metal of his weapon against her temple.  It was the nature of the game.  One they both knew they had to play out.  She had been sent to take out a target and so it seemed had he…

Her eyes strained to watch his finger drawing back the trigger whilst her own did the same.  The game was up…



Close your eyes

Think thoughts of me

I’ll touch your face

I’ll caress your heart.

I’ll lay thee down beside you

Draining the warmth of your skin

My fingers so gently touch you

Your body’s aura has been stung,

Moving as one with me

Possession has begun.

I’ll ask you for nothing

And leave nothing in return

Just a moment of pure passion

Inscribed eternally inside your mind.

Love Provocateur you requested

And I’ve struck my skilful strike

My body moves above you

And delivers loves bite…

And when Love speaks, the voices of all the gods make heaven drowsy with its harmony.        (William Shakespeare)



11 thoughts on “-Love Provocateur – Part Two By Misti

      • When and in what format does the full form come out? And I loved it so much, is part 1 available? Do you write from experience or using your imagination?

      • I will keep you updated with regards to the release date, hopefully not too far off.
        Hmm, experience or imagination? I guess a bit of both as you will find out soon… 😉

  1. mmm….erotic, and you say Missy and Gellar are for real? apart from guns pointing at each other,lucky people!! Look forward to a full story line published, good work LOL :))

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