I Once Knew A D.J… by Misti

I once knew a DJ named Hadley

Who combined wisdom and wit quite madly

He encountered this Welsh blonde

From far across the ocean’s pond

And together they bantered quite gladly…

Their moments were filled

With jokes that were skilled

To save their great Coastguards from closure

They smiled as they fought

The continuation that they sought

Of Coastguards to man Britain’s enclosure…

Such tears did fall

When their petition did stall

And Misti broken-hearted ran for the hills

But she left such great treasure

Namely Hadley, her guilty pleasure

Knowing he’d fight till the end with his skills!!!



4 thoughts on “I Once Knew A D.J… by Misti

  1. Excellent work. Misti has a great talent and is a wonderful person that you rarely meet in life. Thank you Stephen Hadley

  2. Misti deBonno, what imagery you use
    To highten our senses, to ignite our fuse
    Painting the pictures others never see
    Confronting our emotions. Continue, I plea!

    Misti deBonno, such skill to possess
    You leave our desires in a state of undress
    Describing the feelings known to us all
    Finding the passion, though hidden or small

    Misti deBonno, be you real or a myth
    Dance with our dreams, and guide us forthwith
    Show us the magic, the excitement, the way
    For these are the things we dare never say

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