Au Natural by Misti

Skin on skin, the most sensual form of contact there can be.  A male dominant form against that of the female, unashamed of her naked body draped seductively upon her man.  The warmth and softness of their bodies emanating a gentle passion that fuelled by the merest touch would surrender to a raging inferno.

Eyes that undress and seek to explore are met by the uninhibited woman exhilarated by her power rising to deliver a seductive performance.  Her tongue gently touching her upper lip, her body slightly arched promoting her curves with erotic skill.

His masterful prowess is forgotten in his delight at this women who will lead…

Such emotions and displays are ‘Au Natural’, she is a lover of the human form and refuses to hide behind restrictions or bodily enhancements, she has no need to, in loving her own form she oozes a beauty that cannot be enhanced.

Who is she?  She is inside every woman, yet most remain disillusioned to the fact.  In seeking perfection from a beautician or plastic surgeon it has become a sad fact of life that inner beauty is forgotten.  More importantly when fake tans, false eyelashes and that yo-yo diet become a thing of the past, the woman is surrendered to live out her days a shadow of her former self and in truth never having touched upon the temptress she could have become.

Having been brought up at a time when the great outdoors was still the finest form of entertainment there could be, with a mother always producing a hot home-cooked meal and a father who made it his mission to teach family history and to promote comradeship between men, such ideals of false beauty giving birth to woman have never ridden quite right with me.

My body form is petite, yet not for me are those chicken breast implants, instead I choose a toned form thanks to that passion for the outside world.  And this in turn grows my confidence in my ability to look good without suction pants or fat blasting.  My skin, my mind and my body owe their vitality to fresh air and exercise.

Not for me the aspirations of becoming a television reality star because in stark honesty I believe we are all stars of individuality.  We all possess the ability to shine and I choose to do so by being me.  Whatever I do, I do so with the greatest motivation, no half-measures and no hiding behind a faux mask.

Respect of both others and oneself is crucial to a happy life.  Too much time spent perfecting the outer shell will quite simply grow an unsatisfied person.  The body is the greatest sexual toy there is but it is perception that brings it to life.  And the power to touch, taste and become as one are all the more heightened by the natural uninhibited mind.

Yet in defiance to such belief I adore nothing more than a man who equally can recognise his inner strength and yes his beauty.  Who in taking sexual pleasure also delivers it, who will be masterful when the time depicts.   And when all else is spent, one whom I can lay my body upon, like a cat who has got the cream, with a soft smile upon my lips and his strong-arm encircling my body…


11 thoughts on “Au Natural by Misti

  1. Love this article. So easy to read, full of emotions and food for thoughts. Wish more women could see themselves as the beautiful people they are and not change to please others. 😊 fantastic work.

    • Thankyou Lily. Me too, Im afraid I have never been one to follow the in-crown or change into what some see as the beautiful woman. Beauty is both inside you and surrounding you, if one chooses to see it. Im so glad that you feel that way too, puts my faith back in the female mindset! 😉

  2. After research a couple of of the weblog posts on your web site now, and I truly like your means of blogging. I bookmarked it to my bookmark web site list and shall be checking back soon. Pls take a look at my site as nicely and let me know what you think.

    • Thankyou my friend, I think!!! You make me sound like a black widow spider!!! Doh But I guess maybe I deserve that… As for knowing that already, the reason I came on twitter was for that very reason, I needed to know what people thought of my work… Thankyou *-)))

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