The Presenter and The Politician by Misti

Radio killed the presenter star
Or tried to but he had come too far
His voice was such
He possessed that magical touch
Earning followers from both far and wide.

Friends with political acclaim did shout
‘What on earth is this vendetta truly about?’
But neither reason nor rhyme
Could make sense this time
And #Musicman set off for new shores…

Misti of the mountains raised her teary face
Voicing to Stephen ‘these actions are sooh a disgrace!’
But confusion reigned as one Stephen became two
As to which one was which, she suddenly had no clue.
But truth be known their strength had now grown
And new doors were suddenly thrust open…

Tis power that moves the people
And comes in all shapes and forms
From a smiling radio presenter
To a politically powered storm
The people have found a venue to speak
With both radio and that wily twitter-beak
And those who care;
Now shout; ‘Yes we dare!’
For no longer will the truth be silenced…

The songs will broadcast our feelings
The presenters will fight our beliefs
The nation will hunt out the bad and the greedy
Unveiling them as snide, foolish or thieves
The ordinary man will become the politician
For its they who see life as it is
No longer will the people bear such treachery
Or weather hardship and suffering such as this
The tides for sure are a’turning
So ye fools run fast for the hills
For the people will soon be uprising
In great numbers and with great strength and skills…