The fine white feather held between thumb and fore-finger was drawn slowly up his naked inner thigh whilst she greedily absorbed the thrill that emanated from the control she held over this man; her man.  Cold calculated blue eyes pierced his soul with their undeniable intensity, her dry smile danced upon swollen lips. Delighted at his suddenly flexed abdomen and the pent-up sigh that escaped his too serious face her composure briefly slipped, her wanton tongue delving through pursed mouth to peruse her upper lip.

His masculine form jerked forwards desperate to yank her down upon the bed.  Yet dominantly she stood her ground.  In control; the tiny blonde with vulnerability etched upon her being was the true Mistress of Seduction!  Pushing him away, her wide eyes blazed with fire. Stepping back she thrilled him; her legs poised slightly apart touched only by a sliver of black silk at her thighs; an Agent Provocateur number edged in lace so erotic as to draw one’s breath yet even his inhalation remained lost in time so obsessed was he with the vision of heaving breasts encompassed within…

Raising a sun-kissed arm she irked him by allowing the feather to float from her fingertips, her eyes locked into his disappointment, but she wasn’t finished…

With an evident sway to her hips she tottered across the bedroom, 4 inch stiletto heels enticing him, teasing him, ensuring that he was not to be released from her spell not even for the briefest of moments.

From the depths of her overnight bag she drew forth a small case and tapped in a code.  It was now as a cold mist resonated from its confines that he would have chosen to move but she had played him well.  His arms and legs were strapped to the bed-frame, his mouth bearing the gag she’d convinced him to wear.  MI5 had surpassed themselves, she was the doyenne of love Provocateurs.

Climbing onto the bed she straddled him, holding the weapon in her left hand.  The emissions of a complex nitro mixture still prevalent in the air warning him that she was indeed an Agent with a mission.

Driving him to the zenith of pain and pleasure she planted small biting kisses along his lips moving ever onwards across his face down his neck to his stomach stopping finally as she touched at his manhood, only then did she rise to reveal her own torture.  She wanted him, every bit as much as he desired her.  And the game of cat and mouse set up by the Secret Services to discover the ultimate Agent was over.  Together they were a formidable force but set one against the other they revealed a weakness as old as time; Adam chose Eve before God…

Slashing the ties that bound him, Missy allowed Gellar to take the weapon from her and defeated she watched as he dropped it to the floor.  Grasping a handful of hair at her nape, he hungrily drew her to him.  Without doubt their every move was being watched by HQ and fueled by this they played the game for all it was worth…



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