Authors are a crazy bunch of misfits.  I can vouch for the voices inside one’s head, the characters that spring to life even at the most inappropriate of moments, disabling your ability to sleep at night or even to function as a normal person during the day.  The perfect Sunday roast materialises into lumpy gravy and that dried out leg of lamb and roasties that were erm… left atop your work surface uncooked and by now looking rather grey!  But all is not lost because you have the etchings of a masterpiece; on the backs of several envelopes granted but then that was the other thing you forgot to do, buy some new notebooks at the Post Office and why?  Well because there was a totally interesting character with a strong Irish accent and twinkling green eyes that you just had to totally absorb every minute detail of for your current work of fiction!

We also have an overload of emotions, which in all fairness is essential to being a good writer.  But then you have to ride those emotions as your characters go through all sorts of hell and all in the name of making the book spring to life for your readers!  A lump in one’s throat and tears hastily swiped on the back of one’s sleeve as tragedy strikes are the norm for Authors.

And it seems there is rarely any escape from the scene’s that manifest before one’s eyes; my bathroom mirror rarely reflects my face but that of a scene of a young and feisty woman stepping aboard her fishing trawler, the harsh winters rain spearing her pale skin, her fiery red hair drenched and clinging to her face and neck.

Suddenly horrified, she stumbles backwards as though for cover.  A dark shadowy figure watches her, leaning against the harbour wall, with the impenetrable arrogance of all those years ago still cruelly intact.  His boyish good looks having matured with the years yet if anything serving to render him even more striking.  He had ruined her life back then and she knew without an inkling of doubt that he was back to complete the job…

Tis just one of those stories that I keep meaning to develop as my next project yet there is always the foundations of a new idea that leap into its path and I wonder if I will ever get around to the red-head or indeed if that vision will ever stop featuring in my bathroom mirror?

And then there are the authors and their fine works of art that have become captive contenders of my imagination.  ‘New Blood‘ by Paul Dorset ( @jcx27 ) features strongly in my mind.  Though I read the book (which incidentally wasn’t really my kind of reading material back then) quite some time ago It has this knack of replaying itself; especially when I attend one of my favorite coffee haunts, where I had spent many a quiet afternoon reading and inevitably becoming glued to its dramatic peaks and twists.  There is one sentence from the books bio that I guess sums it up for me… ‘A single kiss can get a girl killed. But what if he’s the most irresistible man you’ve ever met? What would you do?‘  And I tell you this terrible character is just that!  Long after you finish the book you will see his face and remember the story that should be far from the love affair that you crave but in all honesty…you do!

For a self-confessed romcom Addict, in particular of the great Goddess of women’s fiction Jill Mansell ( @Jill Mansell ), it came as an absolute backwards reeling shock to find myself delving into the unknown with a totally alien genre from yet another of those self-published authors, Harvey Black ( @black_author ).  Though to be quite honest, it began as a somewhat inquisitive journey.  I couldn’t quite comprehend why a former British Intelligence Officer would be writing books from the German perspective.  In truth it angered me even; yet having purchased ‘Devils With Wings‘ I found myself immersed in the actions of Green Devil Paratroopers, Paul and Max and was awoken to the fact that soldiers serving their countries simply obey the orders thrust at them, they might not always agree with those decisions but it is not their right to challenge them.  Admittedly, my then knowledge of military equipment and terminology was extremely limited but having now read the ‘Paul & Max’ sequels I am beginning to acquire a rather admirable understanding and hey what do you know, I have recently read Harvey’s ‘The Red Effect‘ based on the cold war and am eagerly awaiting its sequels…

I guess when it comes to Amazon self-published authors I have found a true passion, these stories shockingly spring to life and remain lodged forever in your brain as utterly realistic memories.

Finally I have to mention  another hot fiction favorite of mine, that legend Derek Haines ( @Derek_Haines )  he who possesses a style of writing that is quite simply ‘oddly unique’ and once you get over the initial shock, his characters become infinitely loveable with their emotion jumping off the page at you; causing you to choke back the tears, or laugh with a deep richness that surprises you and when you finally turn that last page tis with utter finality and the feeling of saying goodbye to a wonderful friend for the last time.  I wont choose a book for you because I love them all but I will say Derek is an author that I hold high in esteem, I only wish I had half of his talent but you know he is the true Wizard of capturing imaginations and embarking them on an adventure never to be forgotten.  So guys grab his books and read them if you dare!

Tis the world of fiction by authors haunted by characters and plots!  Do they choose to write?  No!  Fiction was born into them and controls their every sleeping and waking moment…


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