‘Slave to the End’ by Misti


Guilty…’  she knelt before him, arms upwardly stretched.  The soft inner’s of her wrists together awaiting the metal restraints that were to seal her fate.  Shame was evident in the drop of her head, the slump of her shoulders, yet her spoken word was defiant, angry even.

A grin pulled at his lips, his eyes dark smoldering coals fueled by the hold he had over her.  Excitement that she had sunk to her knees her body visible in its entirety, cursed through him,.  He allowed her no dignity, demanding that she strip bare, that she pledge her allegiance to him, that she never deviate from the ultimate goal…deliverance!


Willingly we seek to sell our soul’s to the Devil.  We crave security, wealth and a protector and any doubts we may entertain are wiped away by the greed for success, that recognition of having attained a higher standing in life.  Quite simply we desire admiration from others, it boosts not only our ego’s but sexually ignites us…


Did Miley Cyrus sell her soul to the devil and have sex with a demon onstage?(article from Observation Deck)

Did Miley Cyrus sell her soul to the devil and have sex with a demon onstage?Expand

Well, duh. I think it is pretty obvious to everyone right now that Lucifer is grooming Miley to be a Duchess of Hell and prepping her to lead the millions of twerking demon-spawn the lamestream media calls “her fans” into the houses of the holy where they will slaughter the last of the righteous and bring about the Age of Fire. Do you think I am killing all these teenage drifters and watering my Hannah Montana shrine with their blood just for kicks?

But don’t take it from me. On the October 30th podcast edition of TRUNEWS, hardcore Christian evangelist, Rick Wiles, the only broadcaster brave enough to expose the shocking evidence that Obama is the Lord of Flies, stated that Miley is merely a tool of the “Synagogue of Satan” and is being used to convert and pervert innocent children into “little Babylonians”. Citing a recent photo of Miley, her lolling tongue hanging out and head rapturously thrown back in the orgasmic anticipation of licking a plastic Halloween decoration, Wiles made the completely logical argument that this proves Miley serves at the feet of her master, Lucifer. I suppose we can further conclude if Miley serves at the behest of all she licks we must all assume she also worships sledgehammers and little silver astronauts.


Yet it’s not just celebrities like Miley who fall prey to such bizarre rituals in her quest for absolute ‘top dog'(the term dog being used loosely you understand…) status!  But politicians too, their latest in a long list of ambitious risqué ploys being their participation in ‘I’m a Celebrity’ and more recently ‘splash’, is it just me or has the world gone completely mad.  Politics is primarily a feisty topic of debate and the career for those driven to leave a mark on our once great nation’; it is not the launching of one’s celebrity lifestyle, is hardly likely to endear one to the general public and if truth be known is likely to induce mass ‘finger down throat time’ from the revulsion one feels at a Politician proclaiming to be an actual human form and thereby equally at risk of cock-ups as the rest of us (oh and don’t take their reality world statements down to be used against them, for as we know politicians are renowned for doing one thing and saying another!).

Both the media (be it broadcasters of news or manipulators of music, film, fashion etc) and our great secret intelligence forces have ridden roughshod over legalities and kissed goodbye to any form of common decency.  Their devotion to the job is duly rewarded yet when their effectiveness is depleted they’re at risk of becoming the next sacrificial offering to a deity so powerful, so invisible that we dismiss it out of mind.  Yet we watch with animalistic hunger as the prey (now a shadow of its former self, pardon the pun…) is thrown at the mercy of Her Majesty’s High Court of Justice.  Fools that we are, believing in a term that was invented by dark forces to control us…

THE DEVIL’S PACT continued…

Her body glistened in the moonlight; she tossed and turned, nightmares haunting her.   Her conscience too heavy to bear.  Was there a time when one’s duty, one’s belief became twisted, like a slowly penetrating knife, its blade searing into one’s flesh inflicting the same torture that she was to unleash on those who had simply signed their soul’s away for a better life. Rising from the thin mattress, she moved weightlessly across the cold floor of the tiny cell.  Standing before him, her chin tilted, her blue eyes daring, she was proud of all that she stood for.  She had long since made a pact with the devil and she would see it through to the end, only…

She smiled, this time it was a double ended knife and her work, with all fact intact was about to be published…

*A pact with the Devil commonly contains clauses that allow the devil to quibble over what he grants, and equally commonly, the maker of the pact finds a quibble to escape the bargain.  In terms of fiction, a quibble is a plot device, used to fulfill the exact verbal conditions of an agreement in order to avoid the intended meaning. Typically quibbles are used in legal bargains and, in fantasy, magically enforced ones. (Wikipedia…)*  touché xx


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