Dark are the shadows
That creep, out of sight
Deep they will penetrate
No matter your plight…
Slowly they possess you
They twist and they turn
Your mind will be tortured
And your memories they’ll burn.
They’ll stop at nothing
Until you are theirs
And you wont tell anyone
Because no-one cares.
But beware all you Shadows
Of meeting your match
For there is always one greater
That you’ll never catch…  (Anonymous by Misti…)

The media taunts us with ceaseless stories of hacking and we bleat like sheep our disgust.  We live in an era where our lives are monitored to be used against us, if need be.  One might say, if we choose to do wrong then it is only right that they do so.  And in fairness we chose to be pawns in this game of modern life, where our every move is monitored by cctv and phone records.  Yet not only do they watch but they have also learned how to play us for maximum effect. And one great strategy of theirs is the gaming industry; adults and children alike are sucked in and trained for purpose.  Manipulation is the name of the game.  Some of us are aware of the media’s influence, yet others chose not to think.   Ignorance is bliss!

Anonymous ~ Hidden behind the internet or indeed a mask, there is a new band of spies fast on the tail of their targets.  Activists who repel this manipulation, this trespassing of human rights and who fight back.  Yet ignorant in the extreme we turn on them also for ‘hacking’ and ‘protests’ which hinders our plastic lives.  We complain and declare that we won’t stand for the measures imposed by government, media or intelligence forces, and yet when there are those who have the determination and focus to fight we expect there to be no repercussions for us.

Tis fantasy that manipulative little devil within us, magnetising us towards the secret world of espionage.  Be it ‘James Bond’ or ‘Mission Impossible’, our imaginations thrive on that life of secrecy, sexual exploits and fast action, hence the power of the media delivering a well planned ‘Golden Globe‘ to the Intelligence world.  Behind that romantic illusion that surrounds the Secret Agent there lays a deadly sting in the tale… 😉

THE PREY by Misti

Following protocol, was the mindset of intelligence forces.  Her role and she chose to play it was seductress, her eyes wide pools of innocence drawing targets in.  The debonair Iranian was hooked, his body aflame with desire watching the hypnotic seductive sway of her body to a tune within her head.  Lifting her hand to her mouth, her index finger poised between her teeth.  Without a word she dropped her hand, her moist finger touching between her breasts before sliding to her naked midriff.  He was hers…

‘Pour us a drink…’ It was an order and he willingly obeyed.  Diplomat’s were easy prey, fantasy a form of escapism from their mundane lives and well-worn wives. Enticed by her girly femininity they lapped up the dominatrix that emerged as she performed a striptease, taunting with lace underwear whilst rejecting touch, until hertarget’s were dribbling wrecks.

Assured by the busy clunk of glasses, she removed the sig from her purse.

‘Surprise!’ she whispered in his ear.

He froze, slowly turning.  Shock gradually allowing him to register the situation. His face contorted, feeling the cold metal of the gun at his temples. ‘Who are you?’

She sniffed., ‘Your worst nightmare…’ Tapping her wrist watch she spoke into it, ‘I have an Iranian Ambassador who is just dying to speak to you…’

Educated by movies, celebrity icons and the like we choose to be controlled.  Yet there will always be a band of merry rebels, the Guy Fawkes and Robin Hood types. For in life there has to be a balance of good and bad to appease the souls of the restless.  The belief that someone is doing something comforts us, as we sit back to enjoy another Spy movie or to grumble at the news…


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