Misti Stripped Bare…

Nooh, it’s not quite what you were expecting guys, more an unburdening of one’s soul.  I have led you all a merry dance with ‘Hijra’, never quite hitting that promised button and publishing.  Why?  Well because I wrote it from the heart, tis fiction with hints of reality about it.  And every time I deemed it time to publish, I doubted that it was worthy…

Hence another reread and another rewrite.  I’m not perfect, my life hasn’t been perfect, I’m a quiet soul with a fear of commitment, a fear of being hurt.  Hence my need to hide…


HIJRA ~ Extract… ( She was dead inside.  She lifted her face to the sky watching the sun raise its glowing form above threatening clouds and wished she could do the same…)

This was me, that day meant to be my last suddenly became an awakening and the beginning of HIJRA.  Tis a long and sometimes difficult journey and I’m still travelling forward, HIJRA’s release, will be one for me also with so much of me in there…

I felt I had let you down and therefore this explanation was overdue. Realising I’d never quite hit the button, I handed my story over to a man who can, a man who will!!! He will press the button sometime in the next few days and even I don’t know when so then I can’t stop him…doh.



MI5’s Love Provocateur – Missy

The art of entrapment; seductive, skillful, like a black widow spider she cunningly weave’s her web.  Her majestic beauty and untouchable air of vulnerability almost lulling him into a sense of security.

Her black lace underwear taunts with its fine embroidery, the corset or waspie with its lacing touches upon her midriff, its sheerness allowing her beauty to shine through.  Her mystique is set yet she is to be feared with that reputation of a female Latrodectus or sexual cannibal, whom after mating devours its prey…

Yet his stance is dominant as her wide doe eyes beseech him, seeking his protection, drawing out his manly instincts.  Sensual fingertips stroke him, her faltering hands playing the game.  Yet she continues on, searching for man’s most sensitive yet acceptable stimulus zones.

Reaching beneath his shirt, her icy fingers stroke his eager flesh, merely that magical inch  rising above the belt-line.  She drives him to distraction, yet her apparent innocence stops him from taking it further.

She will rarely meet his eyes, but something so infinitely broken, feminine and sensual will lock him in.  Never quite knowing if she is a strong and confident woman playing a cruel game or a delicate angel that could so easily break.  Her entrapment has begun…

MI6 Agent – Jackson Gellar

Aware of her game, he allows her to play it out, enjoying the blatant sexuality of all that she is and does.  Momentarily, he wonders where reality begins and her act ends.  And then she unveils and he can see through her.  She has become lost, she has crossed the line and the two worlds have merged.  Love Provocateur;  Agent of seduction has been compromised. Long lashes briefly gaze up at him with a torturous depth of longing and arousal imploring him to love her.  Then fear bites and true to form she masks her traitorous eyes.  Dipping her head, she breaks contact.

Seeking the moment; he strikes, his warm breath teasing her neck and then closer into her ear; she trembles with absolute desire.  Turning her from him, he reaches a strong hand around her, placing it upon the flat of her tummy, he forces her back into him.  An act or possession…


(Two Agents from far different worlds.  MI5, MI6; never the twain shall meet but they have  and in doing so have let loose a volcanic passion that drives them both to utter despair. Sexually frustrated and haunted by one another’s image; is it a matter of time before finally they both tread the forbidden line in contradiction to their intensive training and commitment to the job?   And if they do will the bite of the female black widow spider (three times the strength of any male…) render Gellar a mere sacrifice in a quest to discover the ultimate Agent, or will Love Provocateur make one deadly fatal mistake…)

Love Provocateur – HIJRA soon to be launched…. Read it if you dare…xx






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