Will She Still Love Me by Misti

Will she still love me, will she not, will she still love me, will she not?’

Like a flower coming into bloom, she charmed all with her wondrous revelations, she rose from the ground each day her strength defined.

And he came to tease her, to conquer her strength, fearing the rose that charmed the birds and the honeybees.  Once he’d nurtured her, loved her and made her his.  And she’d shone for him, her smile reaching up to the sun, to the moon and to the stars enhancing their glow.  He feared her growth, that its speed would be her undoing and in turn his.  And so he’d slowly plucked each petal from the rose, watching her beauty wither and cry out to him…

His heart still sore, he’d walked away silently wishing she’d rise again another day.  And from a distance he kept that wish, watching and praying she’d rise again…but for him.

The Rose has bloomed, her touch velvety smooth yet the thorns that guard her hold a deadly spike.  Dancing in the sunlight, she smiles…her silent laughter reaching to the skies. Her bloom tilted, still awaiting his return.  For though he may be her destruction she loves him still, her heart far wiser and her growth no longer racing but poised in the reflection of a love once lived…rose




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