‘I awoke this morning my dream leading me towards a new quest.  One more deadly, more fearful than ever before!’ I reach for my sword, the mornings sun striking a dazzling beam upon its blade.  My servants Anastas and Brunhild drop to the floor, their weak gasps of fear angering me.
‘Rise and allow the Sun God to breathe fire into your veins!’ I see my vision reflected in the looking glass, my hair illuminated by his touch.  Power surges my body, tossing back my head I stand proud, my gown visibly sheer yet I am suddenly shameless.  I welcome my Sun Gods invasion, I inhale his strength, his force.  My servants stand before me, their eyes glazed with madness, smiles dancing upon their lips, he has touched their souls and I know I have their loyalty and renewed courage to ride beside me on my journey, my quest.
‘Brunhild, go summon my Knight Zane! We will ride together when darkness falls, tell him I seek the dragon Thoradon and before the sun rises I will drink from a cup of his potent blood! Tis the will of our Gods…’


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