The Things I Love by Misti

The things I love…

Today as usual on the journey to school with my girls, I smiled at passersby and greeted with ‘Good Morning’ and it’s wonderful when you get a wide smile back!!! A Polish mum is one of my favorites she is always sooh cheerful unlike many of the British mums…

One the way back I passed by 3 friends, an African, an Indian and a Welsh mum, all happily chatting together and smiling for all to see!!! I love when people come together and it works when instead of groups of the same nationalities housed together and then retaining a separate culture, we live together sharing one anther’s life experiences and happy thoughts…

I like that we have freedom of choice (to a certain extent anyway…) and that we can each have our own mindsets…. Only this morning I believe I stirred up a hornet’s nest with my request to Rupert Murdoch for a Page 3 for us ladies to ogle!!! But hell was fun to see the banter fly… Tis always good to have a range of differing opinions, each being respectful of the other, as I hope we all were…

But then…I dislike social media when people get upon their high horse and attack, because those kind of people are not interested in the reason but enjoy the attack!!! I don’t back down, I do care if I upset others but I wont be held to ransom on what I believe as I hope you wont either…

I don’t have a divide for religions, nationalities or beliefs…and why??? Because I love to learn!!! I love to know what makes people tick, I love to feel their passion for their beliefs ~ its what makes a person beautiful… So I ask you instead of critisicing, demoralising or in other words…bullying, stand back and see the bigger picture… Bullying isn’t beautiful its ugly and everyone can see it!!! xx La Misti xx


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