Angeliki’s Heaven by Misti

“If I told you the truth would you still love me?” my screams echo into the distance but there returns no answer…

From the darkness of night I emerge to claim victory, to run barefoot across the rugged mountain terrain, to seize all that the land has to offer and then to vanish like the mist…before the setting sun arises casting its glow on my near naked form.

I cannot be seen, heard or touched by man’kind for my heart will shatter into a million glass splinters and my blood will fall upon the mountains, spreading like gorse fire and rendering all it has touched forever barren.

I am Angeliki, the true mountain hermit. I am Goddess of what you call Earth and I call Heaven. My rage when it comes can be seen in the great skies above and will strike down upon those who challenge the laws of existence!  I do not age, I am forever young for it is said that until my heart is lit by a wondrous flame I cannot exist in your minds, I merely serve to control you!!!



I Spy… xx

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Dark are the shadows
That creep out of sight
Deep they will penetrate
No matter your plight…
Slowly they possess you
They twist and they turn
Your mind will be tortured
And your memories they’ll burn.
They’ll stop at nothing
Until you are theirs
And you wont tell anyone
Because no-one cares.
But beware all you Shadows
Of meeting your match
For there is always one greater
That you’ll never catch…  (Anonymous by Misti…)

The media taunts us with ceaseless stories of hacking and we bleat like sheep our disgust.  We live in an era where our lives are monitored to be used against us, if need be.  One might say, if we choose to do wrong then it is only right that they do so.  And in fairness we chose to be pawns in this game of modern life, where our every move is monitored by cctv and phone…

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