The Light by Misti

When life conspires against you

Get even

When your smile is weighed down by the torture within your soul

Take flight

When your heart is broken and its pain envelopes you

Hold out your arms

When a tear falls upon your cheek and you wish it were your last

Smile through it

When you truly believe you cannot take any more

Here’s my hand,

For I am beside you,

I am the smile set to dance upon your lips,

I am the laughter that will surprise you

I am the light set to shine if you’ll allow me.



4 thoughts on “The Light by Misti

  1. Your words reminded me immediately of my dear departed dad. He always told me, ‘never get angry, son. Stay calm, take your time, because there’s plenty of time to get bloody even!’

    • Thank you for your comment Derek, as they come from a writer and friend that I admire greatly they mean sooh much!!! The poem started out as pained and was meant to end that way, only once again the though of another going through their own kind of hell dictated otherwise… La Misti

  2. Do you have the ability to remove the pain? Comfort me in my darkest hour, rejoice in my success, but most of all, love me for the person I am?

    • Wise words Stephen… I do hope you are not in pain!!! Everyone should be loved for who they are and not manipulated into a version that more attractive to another… Individuality is in itself beautiful… Misti

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