The Power Of Love

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lovesSex explodes onto the page. Potent words that stir the loins. They taunt the mind. It’s a game. But she’s there, touching you, teasing you. And it doesn’t matter if you’re man or woman ~ she ignites you! And she will not rest, until she has owned you. Until she feels you giving that final quiver…

And inside your head, she dances. Naked body silhouetted by candlelight. A sparkle in her eyes ~ for you! A myriad of conflicting emotions race through your mind. And she shakes free her hair. Golden waves cascading over tanned shoulders. Oh how she plays the game. Her dancing feet, padding against the cold floor. Her lips parted with an innocence that’s feigned, yet perfect!

And she lays her body down. Legs slightly parted. Breasts swollen and piqued by desire. She’s yours, but do you dare? Take that step and you’ll be hers. And you’ll…

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