The She Boss…



Wicked women get noticed! More than that they breeze through life, commanding attention and securing position. Hmm…kind of sounds like military procedure, and I guess in a way, it is!

She who rises from sleep with a wide smile, and throws back the duvet to reveal a toned and naked body, shines throughout the day. This woman knows that a successful life is worked at. And she embraces the commitment. Negativity is banished from mind, for it is wasted energy. Everything from the way she exercises, to the way she moves equates to the end result – SUCCESS…

Too many women believe they have to work harder than man to prove themselves. BIG mistake! Woman is an intuitive soul; capable of multi-tasking and performing in a manner that magnetises her audience. These very traits give her the edge, if only she realises it. And some do, with the likes of Angelina Jolie – actress, film-maker and humanitarian. And some do, with the likes of Angelina Jolie: actress, film-maker and humanitarian; UK born Donna Langley: Universal’s Chair and movie executive; and Arianna Huffington: an influential leader for the women of the world. Arianna broadcasts on the power of sleep. Need I say more? These women glow with the passion of purpose but recognise both their limitations and strengths.

And so, banish defeatism, for it’s a folly of the weak woman. Dress to impress and then draw upon your feminine magnetism. If your audience falls under your spell, there is nothing you cannot achieve!


The Light by Misti

When life conspires against you

Get even

When your smile is weighed down by the torture within your soul

Take flight

When your heart is broken and its pain envelopes you

Hold out your arms

When a tear falls upon your cheek and you wish it were your last

Smile through it

When you truly believe you cannot take any more

Here’s my hand,

For I am beside you,

I am the smile set to dance upon your lips,

I am the laughter that will surprise you

I am the light set to shine if you’ll allow me.


Crazy Is The Me by Misti

Crazy is the me who dances and sings, 

Lonely is the woman whose silence it brings,

Stronger with each wound that tears deep inside, 

Because one cant be beaten with a heart that’s so wide…

And so with each knock-down one still gets back up                                         

And smiles ever wider and holds out her cup                                                         

My cup runneth over and therefore I win,                                                                 

My love was a blessing your destruction a sin!

Hijra – taster…

She felt his hands moving roughly over her. A blurred reality drifted in waves. She was dreaming,absorbed in the hypnotic powers of the strange words, not understanding them yet obeying them. She parted her legs, wanting more. Her breath caught in her throat, her heart beating wildly or was it his…

(from ‘Hijra’ by Misti Debonno) Tis not all passion but a race to save London from attack and sooh much more… xx

The Stars & The Moon by Misti

I lay my head upon your chest, I close my eyes and feel at rest.                                            I hear your heart and know it’s mine, with a love that will outlast all time.                               I gave you the stars, you gave me the moon                                                                          And then came the darkness, far too soon.

I cry for you with this heart made of glass                                                                               Hoping that one day ~ the pain will pass.                                                                                 I love you my darling, whether near or far                                                                                And send you a kiss now, delivered by a star…

Angeliki’s Heaven by Misti

“If I told you the truth would you still love me?” my screams echo into the distance but there returns no answer…

From the darkness of night I emerge to claim victory, to run barefoot across the rugged mountain terrain, to seize all that the land has to offer and then to vanish like the mist…before the setting sun arises casting its glow on my near naked form.

I cannot be seen, heard or touched by man’kind for my heart will shatter into a million glass splinters and my blood will fall upon the mountains, spreading like gorse fire and rendering all it has touched forever barren.

I am Angeliki, the true mountain hermit. I am Goddess of what you call Earth and I call Heaven. My rage when it comes can be seen in the great skies above and will strike down upon those who challenge the laws of existence!  I do not age, I am forever young for it is said that until my heart is lit by a wondrous flame I cannot exist in your minds, I merely serve to control you!!!