The She Boss…



Wicked women get noticed! More than that they breeze through life, commanding attention and securing position. Hmm…kind of sounds like military procedure, and I guess in a way, it is!

She who rises from sleep with a wide smile, and throws back the duvet to reveal a toned and naked body, shines throughout the day. This woman knows that a successful life is worked at. And she embraces the commitment. Negativity is banished from mind, for it is wasted energy. Everything from the way she exercises, to the way she moves equates to the end result – SUCCESS…

Too many women believe they have to work harder than man to prove themselves. BIG mistake! Woman is an intuitive soul; capable of multi-tasking and performing in a manner that magnetises her audience. These very traits give her the edge, if only she realises it. And some do, with the likes of Angelina Jolie – actress, film-maker and humanitarian. And some do, with the likes of Angelina Jolie: actress, film-maker and humanitarian; UK born Donna Langley: Universal’s Chair and movie executive; and Arianna Huffington: an influential leader for the women of the world. Arianna broadcasts on the power of sleep. Need I say more? These women glow with the passion of purpose but recognise both their limitations and strengths.

And so, banish defeatism, for it’s a folly of the weak woman. Dress to impress and then draw upon your feminine magnetism. If your audience falls under your spell, there is nothing you cannot achieve!


Bottoms Up by Misti

Yes I have a weakness.  I hold my hands up, quite proudly in fact and admit that for me bottom is best!  And of course I have my favourites; that delicious rear aspect of Mel Gibson in such classics as Lethal Weapon and…oh yes Braveheart!  Just like in a museum such delights are firmly exhibited in my memory bank and rather frequently draw a secretive grin upon my lips as I shop, meet with friends for a coffee or wonder about pursuing a career as a ratings specialist divulging ‘The Top Ten Hottest Bott’s‘ for This Morning, television show.  Truth be known, due consideration was given whilst hovering over the email send button; and in my defence, I selflessly decided Holly Willoughby has quite enough to contend with what with sitting next to that legendary hunk, Dermot O’Leary without falling prey to hot flushes from the display of such sensational attributes.  Or in simple english, I have chosen to perform such research, which was painstakingly intense at times, and as a true writer I rather hate letting go of my work!

Sooh what is it about the bottom that gains the obvious swivel of one’s head and eyes? For me, I guess it’s cute without being overly dominant, after all it’s not flaunted in one’s face, not pampered by a fetish for a regimental skin care routine or spray tan, in fact for the most part it’s just as nature intended…

‘Rising from the bed she moved across the room, aware of his eyes upon her curvaceous form.  The temptress; she asked for nothing but gave freely of her body, her eyes bearing an innocence that was a prerequisite to sealing their fate.  A sigh slowly emanated from him, a slight rustle of the sheets and he was behind her.  His hand roughly pulled at her abdomen, forcing her back into his masculine form, his arousal evident.  With a cunning that was invisible to him she allowed her bottom to arch into him, teasing, encouraging a tremor of excitement to echo from his body.  He gripped her right buttock fiercely, enjoying her gasp of pain.  Exhilaration electrified her body, her eyes wide adoring his nakedness reflected in the large ornate mirror, his manly behind delighting her with its proud pert deliverance.  He was hooked and she’d laid the trap knowing he would fall…’

Yes that’s me at work, and I defy you not to have enjoyed that subtle hint of bottom within it!  Oh and I nearly forgot, the Great Posterior is in serious danger of becoming a saggy fatty eyesore, with our penchant for fast food turning us into sofa slouching sloth’s.  Tis time for a little action be it of the bedroom variety, or reforming as the God or Goddess of the Gym.  A beautiful bottom breathes confidence and delights one’s partner, so bottom’s up and out there, clench those cheeks and lay the trap for the partner of your dreams